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In 2003 American Pastor Phil Neely was traveling through the village of Samachique with Mexican Pastor Cruz Velasquez. They stopped beside a cornfield and Pastor Cruz shared the possibility of purchasing the land and building a Bible Institute where Tarahumara pastors could come and receive ministry training.


At that moment, Phil felt strongly that he was to help Cruz fulfill the vision and later began to coordinate work teams from his home church, 1st Assembly in Grand Junction, CO and other churches.


Today the Samachique Bible Institute is complete and Pastor's training is underway. In addition, the institute provides safe, comfortable and inexpensive housing for work teams who come to the area.


In 2006, Phil and Cheryl Neely left their church in Colorado to join the Samachique team full time, and Ravens Inc. was born.


In I Kings 17:1-6, the Bible tells the story of God providing for His prophet Elijah by sending ravens with food at a desperate time. It is in this same spirit that the ministry of Phil and Cheryl is providing much needed material goods and ministry to the Tarahumara people and the various organizations who have committed to them. 

In addition to the Bible Institute, Ravens has forged strategic partnerships with Children's Ministry Centers in the villages of Coriachi and Napuchis and Mexico Medical Missions which has a fully functioning hospital in the remote village of Samachique

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